So, this month a new set of students made their first cakes the Wilton way.  Check out the comments for their thoughts on the experience and the end result.
Click here for their cake photos

WOW! I was SO nervous about my first cake....but in our first night of Course I, Taka's excellent introduction and wealth of information on icing and cake preparation had me very well prepared for that first decorating session (Course I, second class). Taka put me so at ease by guiding me every step of the way and promising me that the finished product was going to look a lot better than the glob of icing in the middle of my cake that I started out with :-) In the end, I took home a cake that I was very proud of! Taking the time to learn the basics of icing and cake prep gave me a wonderful foundation from which to decorate all of my future cakes from ! Thanks Taka!


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