Old Orchard juices (select varieties) $1.69
- 0.55/1 blinkie final price $0.59 EACH

Kool-Aid drink mix $0.19; buy 10 get a 5lb bag of sugar FREE

Betty Crocker frosting $0.99
- 0.50/1 2/7 GM OR printable (no longer available) = FREE frosting

Betty Crocker cake mix $0.99
- 0.75/1 wyb 1 mix and 1 frosting 3/28 SS final price $0.48 for both
BUY 4 Betty Crocker cake mix or frosting and earn $2 Fresh Rewards Cash

Oikos greek yogurt $1.25
- 1.00/1 All You printable OR 0.50/1 printable final price $0.25 EACH

Kellogg's rice crispies, cocoa crisp, mini wheats or raisin bran extra $2.00
- various coupons 3/28 RP final price $1 EACH

Oscar Mayer bacon
- 0.75/1 3/21 SS final price $1.25

Johnsonville sausage patties (pork)
- 0.55/1 3/7 SS final price $0.40 EACH

Gold Medal flour 5 lb $1.25
- 0.75/1 printable (no longer available) final price FREE

Cheerios (yellow box), Cocoa Puffs or Golden Grahams $1.36 EACH
- $1/2 3/7 SS final price $0.87 EACH
Lowes Foods brand milk, 1 Gallon $1.99

Sanderson Farms whole chickens $0.59/lb

2 Liter Pepsi $1.00

Del Monte bananas $0.47/lb (sold in 3lb bags)

Kellogg's Special K cereal $2.37 per box; some shoppers are reporting $1.00/1 peelies on some of the boxes so be on the lookout!

Simply Potatoes $1.28

New York garlic toast $2.00; $0.40/1 3/14 SS

General Mills and Post cereals (select varieties) $2.50 per box; $1.00/2 coupons 2/28 and 3/14 SS

Fresh Rewards deal ~ Buy any 4 of the following: Simply Potatoes, Better 'N Eggs or All Whites (egg white product) and get $3 Fresh Rewards Cash. The Simply Potatoes are a pretty good deal with this offer. They are sale priced at $1.28 each x 4 = $5.12 OOP earn $3 FRC = net cost $2.12 or $0.53 EACH. Remember, when you earn $5 FRC you get a $5 store certificate good towards your next purchase.
Utz brand potato chips $0.87 EACH

Perdue chicken legs or thighs $0.99/lb

Sanderson Farms bone-in split chicken breast $0.99/lb

Gorton's frozen fish sticks 44 ct, 14 oz popcorn shrimp or 10 ct fillets $3.40 use $0.50/1 1/3 SS or $0.40/1 2/21 SS

Sargento shredded cheese $1.49 with in-ad 3 week coupon, STACK with $0.40/2 1/31 SS final price $1.09 each wyb 2

Pillsbury pizza crust $1.23 each use $0.35/1 1/24 or 1/31 SS final price$0.53 EACH

Blue Bunny ice cream 3 for $9; use (3) $1.00/1 printables and pay $2.00 each plus earn $3 Fresh Rewards cash wyb 3

Kashi TLC Crackers $2.50 each; if you received Vocalpoint coupons for this product (one FREE coupon and (3) $1.50/1 coupons that arrived with a sample) then you can get these crackers for as low as $0.50 per box using 1 free coupon and 1 $1.50 coupon PLUS earn $1 Fresh Rewards cash wyb 2 boxes Wonder bread $1.30 EACH

Mahatma yellow rice mix $0.59 EACH; free plus OVERAGE with $0.50/1 2/7 RP - these are regularly priced under $1.00 anyway so they are ALWAYS free but this week you can get a little extra overage towards the rest of your grocery bill!

Hamburger Helper $1.00 per box use $0.75/3 2/7 SS or 3/7 SS or internet printable and there is a catalina through 3/21 get $1.50 off a meat purchase wyb 3 boxes of Hamburger Helper

Fresh strawberries $1.50/lb

Nabisco Wheat Thins $1.77 per box use your Facebook $1.00/1 coupon to get these for just $0.77 EACH!
Earn $1 Fresh Rewards wyb 2 Keebler 100 Calorie Right Bites priced at $2.50 each use $0.75/1 from 1/10 RP makes them $1.00 EACH (OR $0.50 EACH after Fresh Rewards)

Fruit2O flavored bottled water 18 oz $0.99 EACH
use $0.75/1 from 1/17 SS to get them
FREE + overage OR printable $1/2 makes them $0.49 EACH


Old Orchard juice 64 oz $1.39 - $1.79 EACH
use printable HERE and on coupons.com $0.50/1 makes them $0.39 - .079 EACH

Land O' Frost premium lunch meat $2.99 EACH
use printable $2/1 makes them just $0.99 EACH

Totino's pizza rolls 7.5 oz box $1.00 EACH
use $0.40/2 from 2/7 SS makes them $0.60 EACH

All laundry detergent $2.99 (this is a great deal if you didn't have any luck price matching the Big Lots ad elsewhere)
use $2.00/1 from 2/7 RP makes it just $0.99 EACH

Pillsbury Grands Jr. $1.00 EACH
use $0.30/2 from 1/3 GM or printable
makes them $0.70 EACH

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.25 EACH
use $0.40/2 from 1/3 GM makes them $0.85 EACH

Dannon Activia 16 oz or 4 packs $2.00 EACH
use $1/1 from 1/10 SS makes them $1.00 EACH

Mahatma Seasoned rice mixes (saffron, spicy saffron or chicken flavor) $0.85
use $0.50/1 from 2/7 RP or printable
to get them FREE

Green Giant boxed frozen vegetables $1.00 EACH
use $0.40/3 from 2/7 GM or 2/21 SS OR 
makes them $0.50 - 0.60 EACH

Here are a few of the in-store coupons (found in the ad) good 3/3 - 3/23...these can be STACKED with manufacturer coupons for even better savings! Just remember to give the cashier your store coupons LAST so that if there is any overage it will absorbed into your total!

Sunny D 48 - 64 oz $0.99 (limit 4)
use $0.25/1 from 2/7 SS OR printable = $0.50 EACH

Birdseye Steamfresh frozen vegetables, select varieties $0.97 (limit 8)
use $0.50/1 from 2/7 SS OR $0.35/1 from 2/28 SS = Free - $0.27 EACH

Dannon Light & Fit 6 oz cups 3/$0.99 (limit 9) - buy 6 of them
use printable $0.75/6 (makes them just $0.08 EACH)
Benefits of a Fresh Rewards Card:

1.     Loyalty Rewards – Loyal customers will earn Loyalty Rewards based on their purchases during the previous 12 weeks. *(see more on this below)
2.     Promotional Rewards – In addition to Loyalty Rewards, all members earn rewards when they purchase targeted promotional products.  There are weekly items listed which will produce rewards.
3.     Personalized Offers – By telling us what product categories are important to them and by giving us a valid e-mail address during enrollment, members receive offers customized to their individual shopping preference.

When you earn at least $5.00 in fresh rewards, you will receive fresh rewards cash at the checkout in $5.00 increments.  Fresh rewards cash is good for future purchases at Lowes Foods.  When you’re ready to redeem your fresh rewards cash, present the coupon, along with your fresh rewards card and the value of the coupon will be deducted from your order.  There is no limit to the number of fresh rewards cash coupons you can use in an order.  Remember, fresh rewards cash is nontransferable and expires 30 days from the date of issuance.  Once fresh rewards cash has expired, it cannot be extended or reissued.

* Purchases of wine, beer, prescriptions, fuel, taxes, services, gift cards and lottery tickets are excluded from the fresh rewards program.  Additionally, fresh rewards cash cannot be redeemed for these excluded items.  Loyalty Rewards eligibility is determined by purchases made in the preceding 12 weeks.  Not all customers are eligible for Loyalty Rewards because, on average, you will need to spend about $50 per week during the 12 week period to meet the minimum requirements for Loyalty Rewards.  The total is calculated AFTER deductions such as COUPONS, taxes, etc. So, while you may not benefit from the extra Loyalty Rewards, you will at least be able to take advantage of the store’s sale prices and get personalized offers (much like a Harris Teeter VIC card) with your FRC card.

I wrote to corporate asking why the basis for loyalty rewards wasn’t calculated BEFORE COUPONS since the store does, indeed, recoup all of its monies back from coupon usage. I was pleased with their response saying that they had forwarded my question and information to their corporate marketing department.  Maybe we’ll hear something back on that????  I will definitely follow up...in the meantime, let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!!
DISCLAIMERS: (1) This information is compiled from www.lowesfoods.com and e-mail messages from corporate. (2) I know this is LONG, but PLEASE, if you intend to shop Lowes, read it in its ENTIRETY.

1.       Get a Fresh Rewards Club card from the cashier or customer service desk (see next post for details on this program)
2.       Register your card online to get E-Offers (electronic discounts you select to load to your store card – according to corporate these are NOT manufacturer or store coupons,but discounted prices on items. It seems that you would be able to stack mfg coupons with these offers but the store policy states that you cannot.)  In some cases the e-Offer is better than a coupon. For example, right now you can load a $2 off discount on the 5.5 oz size Gold Bond Ultimate skin therapy lotion to your FRC card.  There are currently $1 off printables on the Internet and from Sunday inserts.
3.       Coupons double up to $0.99 everyday
4.       Limit 4 of the same coupon per transaction
5.       They do accept competitors’ coupons for dollars off your total purchase (NOT for specific items) and they accept Catalinas from other stores (Kelly has to ring code 6949 for Candice).  I used Walgreen’s Register Rewards last week at Lowes Foods with no problem.
6.       They offer shopping bag credits; $0.05 per bag added to your Fresh Rewards quarterly balance, not deducted from your order total like at Bi-Lo and Target.
7.       From time to time, LF offers Triple Coupons, but much like HT there is no rhyme or reason to when this event happens.
8.       If any item scans for a higher price different than the shelf tag, you receive one of that item FREE; excluding beer and wine (Scan Right Guarantee).
9.       Rainchecks are issued for out of stock items BUT they EXPIRE 30 days from the issue date
10.   Lowes To-Go: Online shopping with drive through pick up. The user interface is exactly the same as Harris Teeter's so if you've seen that one then you are familiar with this one.  The policies are much the same, also.  Coupons tendered are applied to your next online order.  There is a place for comments so if you are paying cash, I would think that you can leave a note regarding your wish to use your coupons.  They have been very customer oriented since I've been shopping there so I don't suspect this will be a problem on a cash order since they have to make another trip back inside the store and out to you anyway to get the payment and give you any change that may be due. There is a $4.95 charge for online ordering. Every 4th order is free.  Store personnel are not to accept any tips from customers.