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For each lesson, always bring the following items:

  • Lesson Plan (book) and contents of student kit
  • Plastic bags to bring home your used decorating supplies (time and resources are limited in class so you will want to wash your supplies at home)
  • Apron
  • Towel or plastic tablecloth to cover your workspace
  • Toothpicks, scissors, tape, pen or pencil
  • Measuring spoons & spatula(s)
  • Extra powdered sugar in a small container
  • Parchment and waxed paper
  • Turntable and cake carrier (or cake box) to carry your finished cake or cupcakes home

Student FAQ

~ How do I register for classes?
          Go to your Rock Hill Hobby Lobby (1526 Meeting Blvd - off Dave Lyle Blvd., near Kohl's and Wal-mart) and see a 
          cashier to select your course(s) and pay tuition. You will receive a receipt and pink registration form for each course
          you'v registered for.  Bring the receipt and registration form to class with you.
~ Do I need to know how to bake to take cake decorating lessons?

          No.  Many students purchase uniced cakes from the grocery store bakery/deli counter.
~ Can my son/daughter take these classes?
          Yes.  Children ages 12 and up may register for class. There are workshops available for children ages 10 and up, which
          are ideal for church groups or Girl Scouts.
~ Can I arrange lessons or workshops for my social/community group? 
          Yes.  There are 1- and 2-session workshops that are a great introduction to decorating for small groups.  Standard 4-
          week courses can also be scheduled for your group at your location.  

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